Save time—send us your tax information and we’ll do the rest!

If you don’t wish to visit one of our ITP offices, you can mail us your complete tax return preparation information (including last year’s tax return, if available) to: ITP, Reply Paid 84606, TOOWOOMBA CITY QLD 4350. No stamp is required.

Refer to our handy checklist to help you put the information together. This saves you time because we can prepare most, if not all, of your return without the need to visit our office.

When your tax return is ready for lodgement, we will contact you by phone or email, and mail or email your return out to you for signing. In fact, using this method of tax return preparation, we can service your needs anywhere in Australia.

And your next year’s tax return will be easier for you, as we will have your details on our database.

Note: this method is suitable for fairly straightforward tax returns. If you have extensive work-related deductions, log book car claims, self-education claims, investment property or business income, we suggest you contact your preferred ITP office for an appointment with a Tax Consultant.