The ITP Advantage

We provide quick returns. A major factor contributing to the success and wide acceptance of the ITP organisation is its speedy preparation of all tax returns, usually on only one visit. This makes it unique in the field of fast taxation return preparation.

Over 250 locations. ITP now has more than 250 offices throughout Australia and almost 300,000 satisfied clients annually. These clients range from PAYG employees—for whom the service was originally created—to owners of rental property, executors of deceased estates, corporation executives, farmers, small businessmen, contractors, partnerships, trustees and beneficiaries of trusts, companies and all the accounting and bookkeeping of their associated entities.

Our fee is reasonable and fully tax deductible. We provide the best possible service for the most reasonable fee. And our fees are fully tax deductible.

We also offer a choice of remote tax agent assisted services. You don’t need to visit our offices—you can do your tax return from wherever you are.

Our Guarantee